Blue Goose Construction Resources

Fully PreparedBGC is fully equipped with personnel and equipment to do the job. We believe that our greatest asset is our team of dedicated employees; both our field technicians and our professional staff.  We have a highly qualified team with extensive experience and capabilities in planning and coordination, logistics, production, safety, quality, resource management, and accounting. The family at Blue Goose is dedicated to continuous training to sharpen our skills for the benefit of our clients.

Our sub-tiered firms, our suppliers, subcontractors and consultants are also a vital part of our success. We hold them to the same quality and safety standards that we apply to ourselves. We only work with proven and qualified teams who can compliment BGC so our clients receive a project done right the first time, on time, and under budget.

We have a specialized equipment arsenal which can be customized for successful project completion. In fact, we have the most innovative solutions to difficult engineering situations through our collaborative efforts with the various equipment manufacturer’s. In our experience, we have worked with equipment engineer’s from some of the big name companies in the industry to retro-fit equipment to meet rigorous demands. So, if you are facing tight engineering issues, situations, or complexities, our experience working with equipment manufacturer’s will yield a huge return on investment for you. We are the innovator’s in the work that we do; join us, and you will see first-hand how our planning, coordination, and logistics experience will yield a huge contractor savings for your project.

Our Equipment

Equipment ArrayWe have a vast equipment arsenal to meet just about any production need or we will work collaboratively to design and or modify existing equipment so you get the right equipment for the job. We possess our own fleet of heavy equipment which can be used for a vast number of on and off-road conditions, construction conditions and construction applications. We also have a contingent of implements to fit the equipment for various applications.

Our John Deere excavators and the dozers can be retrofitted with GPS systems for exact excavation requirements.