About Blue Goose Construction

Construction Header 2Headquartered in Fort Pierce, Florida (60 miles north of West Palm Beach), Blue Goose Construction provides the the following services to the Agricultural, Commercial, Marine and Governmental markets:

  • Extreme Long Reach Excavation
  • Precision Controlled (GPS) Underwater Excavation
  • Specialty Excavation & Marine Dredging
  • Site Work
  • Drainage Systems
  • Levee Construction & Repair
  • Waterway Construction
  • Revetment Systems

BGC strives for continuous improvement in client services, project management, quality, safety, reliability, and trustworthy business operations from Plan and Specification jobs to Design/Build Projects of all sizes. Our dedicated professionals work with our clients to create solid and innovative solutions to complex engineering conditions, situations and requirements.

What We Believe?

At BGC, we believe in five core principles which serve as our internal barometer of success:

  1. It’s through assisting our clients to achieve their goals and reach their highest levels of construction success that we become successful.
  2. Our clients’ trust in our firm is paramount to all our endeavors.
  3. Jobsite Safety and Quality are always our field focus while completing our work plan.
  4. Continually sharpening and increasing our skill sets so our clients recieve the benefits through a significant return on investment.
  5. Honesty and integrity throughout all of our business operations.
Our Promises:

At BGC, we hold steadfast to our promises to our Clients as well as our staff.

To Our Clients:
  • Main Focus is client satisfaction in all facets of our business operations
  • Customized, innovative, collaborative, and targeted solutions to meet our clients’ needs
  • A team of professionals with unparalled and open communication
  • Resource availability to beat demanding production schedules
  • Fair, equitable, and competitive pricing
  • Superior Project Management, Planning, and Coordination
  • Efficient and expedient delivery of services
To Our Team:
  • Professionalism
  • Always to tell the truth
  • A culture of accountability to support the achievement of professional goals
  • Fair and competitive, skill and performance-based compensation package
  • Opportunities for skill development and enhancement
  • Safety Awareness & Management Programs
  • Quality Management Programs
Citrus Construction WebWho We Are?

We are a construction company, (who also provides agricultural management, development & real estate services – www.bluegoosegrowers.com), based in Ft Pierce with offices in Arcadia and Labelle. As a General Contractor we provide many heavy equipment construction services including site work, drainage systems & improvements, land preparations & leveling, levee repairs & construction, water retention systems, waterway construction & maintenance, road construction, as well as many other services. Our experience with managing large tracts of land for agricultural development and production, where smaller margins and efficiency is key, has taught us that it is important to get the quality and work right the first time, but more importantly, do it efficiently.

Cooling PondDuring the last 4 years we have completed several projects for power generation companies. Most recently, we worked at a conventional power plant making improvements to the cooling pond drainage system and at a nucler power plant, as a sub contractor, repairing and grading the slopes of the intake and discharge canals in preparation of placing articulated concrete block mats. On these successful projects the collaborative efforts of Blue Goose, our clients, and subcontractors have yielded results that only a team of persons who care about the outcome could provide. We consider ourselves to be creative, out of the box thinkers and work cooperatively and diligently to ensure our clients’ satisfaction with every facet of our business operations.

The Blue Goose workforce receives extensive ongoing safety training and is accustomed to working to high safety and security standards. We have a division of management and workers who are badged for nuclear and secured areas. Our worker’s compensation EMR meets rigorous standards and we are proud to say that we have had no reportable injuries while performing work on the various projects. Our environmental record is unparalleled; we constructed a Crocodile Refuge in the Florida Everglades, without incident.

Our field teams, consisting of project managers and superintendents respect our customers and provide courteous and professional interaction and communications. Team BGC is comprised of individuals united by teamwork and common goals who share a respect for our community, the environment, and one another. That cooperative mission of teamwork, safety, quality and efficiency produces superior results for our clients, shareholders, and associates. Our commitment to helping our clients with creative and cost effective solutions is grounded in our solution-driven workplace.

What We Offer?

Our ability to create collaborative environments and to share innovations has proven to be a valuable asset to our mission to become our client’s preferred earthwork and sitework provider.

BGC strives for:
  • Continuous performance improvement – In all our business operations
  • Quality – Our mission is to provide expert workmanship
  • Safety – We are committed to safety from the field to the offices
  • Reliability – Emphasis on a significant return on investment for our clients
Here is a brief list of our service and capabilities:
  • Site work
  • Drainage systems & improvements
  • Land preparations & leveling
  • Levee repairs & construction
  • Water retention systems
  • Waterway construction & maintenance
  • Road construction
  • Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Security Access Work
  • Extreme Long Reach Excavation
  • GPS Excavation
  • Click here to read a more detailed listing of our services and capabilities
Are we a Right-Fit for you?

The best starting point to determine if BGC is the right fit for you, is an investment of your time by scheduling a telephone conference to convey your needs. Once we understand your construction needs, goals and constraints we can collaboratively create a solution unique to your project.

At BGC, we firmly believe that our success is garnered solely through helping you to achieve your goals of a project done right the first time, under budget, and ahead of schedule.

To schedule a telephone conference, contact Scott Holmes at (772) 473-9753 or sholmes@bluegooseconstruction.com